Looking for an affordable Freshsales Alternative ?

SalesOn - Field Sales and Accounting Software

SalesOn, an influential sales management application, is dedicated to refining and enhancing sales processes, primarily tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. Renowned for its intuitive interface and an array of sophisticated features, it stands out as the preferred choice among sales teams. This dynamic sales management solution adeptly addresses the varied needs of businesses striving to optimize their sales operations comprehensively. Beyond streamlining sales processes, SalesOn takes charge of your accounting tasks—covering invoicing, sales and purchases, inventory, expenses, and more. With SalesOn, redirect your focus towards business development while entrusting all complexities and calculations to our capable platform.


Freshsales is a cloud-based salesforce automation software designed to help businesses manage leads and customer engagement via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to create and monitor sales activities, add custom fields to capture and store customer information, and synchronize data across the entire customer journey, from prospecting to contact and conversion.The platform offers a range of tools for lead scoring, integration, and workflow automation, enabling sales professionals to prioritize activities and focus on high-potential opportunities.
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Pricing Annual:
Free Trials 7 days 21 days
Ease of use Easy to use with intuitive user interface
(No Training & Accounting Knowledge Required)
Not everything of use for small businesses
Customers Start-Ups
Small Business
Mostly large enterprises
Customer Support Excellent support over :
Average customer support and slow response time
Customization Highly agile customization process Slow and tedious customizable process
User Friendliness for salesman Simple to understand even for non tech friendly people Not simple/user friendly

Highlighting few features which make SalesOn the best

hand collecting payment

Payment collection

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Manage payables and receivables along with collected payments simply through the mobile-app .Also get outlet-wise outstanding payment summary for detailed analysis.

stock maintenance

Inventory Management

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Real time tracking of available stocks to manage the business inventory across distributed SKUs. Add Custom fields such as Size, Color, Batch No, etc.

route management from one map point to another

Route Planner

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Create and manage routes for your sales team based on your day-to-day business needs. Provide route based access control for sales team with SalesOn.

current map location

GPS navigation

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Integrated with Google Maps to help your salesman easily navigate to your customers

lock and key for access management

Access Controls

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Control visibility, write access and permissions - for geographical or user based restrictions

reporting through charts

Analyse business reports

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Have access to accounting reports that help get a business overview and make strategic business decisions for business growth.

mobile and laptop settings

Highly configurable

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Configure the application the way it suits you. Set the permissions you want to give to your sales people. Set the default transaction states as per your needs.

ERP settings and integrations

Integrated with Tally

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No hassles of manually creating invoices on Tally. Simple one click data sync between SalesOn and Tally saves hours and zeroes down manual errors.

customer support

Excellent Customer Support

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Customer satisfaction focussed query resolutions. Prompt and timely responses to customer through various channels such as phone, email, whatsapp chat